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MBW Consulting Ltd is a limited liability company which was formed in January 1999 as a result of a merger between Mutenga Batumbya Consulting Engineers (MBCE), a Ugandan firm and Wardrop Engineering Inc., a Canadian firm after realization that comprehensive engineering services could be provided more effectively to the Ugandan market by joining the resources of the two companies. The company is located on Plot 107, Kira Road, Kamwokya in Kampala.


The rationale behind the formation of MBW is to provide a more holistic service to clients in Uganda at the same time developing a cadre of Ugandan and Canadian professionals who are not only specialists in their fields but also who have internalized Uganda’s national goal of poverty eradication through establishment and reconstruction of physical infrastructure, commitment to economic liberalization, political broad-base, and government decentralization, and thus better able to meet the challenging and diverse requirements of these clients.


About Us

MBW Consulting Limited is a leading Engineering and Infrastructure Development Consultancy firm providing expertise in Planning, Design, Supervision and Management for Engineering projects.

MBW offers over 50 years of experience in the Planning and Implementation of Civil Engineering projects in Uganda, with key expertise in: Highways and Transportation, Municipal Engineering, Water Supply Systems Design and Sanitation Engineering, Structural and Civil Works, Materials and Geotechnical Investigations, Feasibility Studies and Government Reform Studies.

Asphalt concrete construction upgrade of tarmac road bukoto
Asphalt concrete construction upgrade of tarmac road bukoto

For over 10 years now, MBW has branched into Strategic Planning for Government, Donors and Local Councils; Architectural Design, Environmental Impact Analysis; Environmental Audits; Socio-economic studies; Community Mobilization for Development; and Institutional and Capacity Building Projects.


MBW has also extended its operation into oil exploration by offering local engineering consultancy services to petroleum exploration companies in the Albertine region of Western Uganda where MBW has developed specialist skills in design and supervision of drill pads in general and critical containment area (CCA) in particular as well as offering solutions to practical constraints of moving heavy equipment over previously un-engineered terrain.



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